How to Apply

Before applying to our joint graduate program in biology, you should definitely be aware of a few key points.

  1. Graduate StudentsYou should email one or more of our biology professors directly to ensure that they will be able to offer you a position in their lab (or see Available Positions). We receive many "blanket" applications each year that do not specify a particular field (e.g. animal physiology) or professor. Such applications usually meet the minimum standards for new applicants but are ultimately rejected: you MUST find a supervisor. New grad students in biology at either university are part of the OCIB but your application should go directly to the university of the professor with whom you wish to work. To begin: uOttawa or Carleton U

  2. All full-time OCIB graduate students receive guaranteed funding for their personal support. See the specific program descriptions for details (uOttawa or Carleton U). The funding is typically a combination of TA salary, scholarships, and research assistantships. Students with external scholarships (NSERC, OGS, FQRNT) are eligible for TA salary and university scholarships. All students are automatically considered for all funding sources when they initially apply to the program.

  3. Minimum requirements at the two universities are not identical. See the specific program descriptions for details (uOttawa or Carleton U).