Governance and Management Overview

The AEL-AMS Facility will be governed according to the guidelines and policies of the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Office of the Vice-President Research. The organizational structure is designed to support:

  1. Effective management of and strategic investment in infrastructure and resources
  2. Effective communication and coordination amongst researchers, trainees and service providers
  3. Effective translation of research enabled by the CFI–supported facility into user-accessible technologies
  4. Linkages between facilities, industrial partners and the research community

The organisational chart is as follows:

organizational structure of Lalonde AMS Lab in chart form

A. E. Lalonde AMS Laboratory Board of Directors 2018-2019


Dr. Louis Barriault
Dr. Marie D’Iorio
Dr. Tom Kotzer
Dr. Guaciara dos Santos
Dr. Guy Jonkmans
Dr. Lisa Cousins
Dr. Richard Jackson
Prof. Anne de Vernal


Associate Vice-President Research, University of Ottawa
Senior strategic advisor, University of Ottawa
EGeochemical Consultant
Research Project Scientist, Keck Carbon Cycle AMS, University of California - Irvine
Radiological & Nuclear Portfolio Manager, Centre forSecurity Science, Defense R&D Canada
Ionics Group, Perkin Elmer Corporation
Geofirma Engineering
UQAM, Sciences de la Terre et de l'atmosphère

A. E. Lalonde AMS Laborator International Scientific Advisory Committee


Dr. Guaciara dos Santos
Prof. A. E. Litherland
Prof. Tim Jull
Prof. Robin Golser


Research Project Scientist, Keck Carbon Cycle AMS, University of California - Irvine
University Prof. Emeritus, University of Toronto
University of Arizona AMS Lab, Editor: Radiocarbon
Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator, Austria