Executive Committee

Dr. Liam Kieser Dr.Ian Clark
Dr. Liam E. Kieser
Associate Professor, Physics
Dr. Ian D. Clark
Earth and Environmental Sciences

In Loving Memory

Robert John "Jack" Cornett was the consummate scientist. He loved to question, discover, and explore, both in the sciences and outdoors. His family, friends and Faculty of Science colleagues at the University of Ottawa were devastated by the news of his sudden death. To celebrate his life, the University of Ottawa created a fund entitled the Dr. R Jack Cornett Passion for Life and Science Award.

Scientific & Technical Staff

Normand St-Jean Gilles
Monika Wilk
Dr. Xiaolei Zhao
Accelerator Physicist
Normand St-Jean
Accelerator Technologist
Gilles St-Jean
Facility Technology Manager
Monika Wilk
Radiohalide & Tritium Senior Technician
Carley Crann Sarah Murseli Anthony Lapp Caroly Dziawa
Carley Crann
Radiocarbon Research Scientist
Sarah Murseli
Radiocarbon Senior Technician
Anthony Lapp
Tritium & Noble Gas Technician
Carolyn Dziawa
Radiocarbon Junior Technician
Christabel Jean Barbara Francisco
Christabel Jean
Administrative Assistant
Barbara Fransisco
Actinide Sample Preparator & Analyst