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Post-Doctoral fellowship Opportunity: Canadian Particle Astrophysics Research Community PDF

One of these positions will involve, for ~50% of the time, the development and use of AMS for characterizing materials needed to build a large particle detector (containing 5T of liquid Xenon). To reduce interferences from naturally occurring radioactive elements in these materials, AMS will be used to select materials with the minimum possible concentration of these elements.

AMS development and work will take place at the A. E. Lalonde AMS Laboratory at the Universtiy of Ottawa. Note that for graduate studies and research, Ottawa and Carleton Universities participate in a combined program through the Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Physics (OCIP).

Also associated with this program is a Ph.D. studentship which will be focussed entirely on the development of the AMS application described above. Interested students should also apply to Prof. Razvan Gornea using the address gornea@zoho.com, including a CV, a statement of research experience and interest and three reference letters.